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Brakes and Brake pads


Brake pads fitted from $140 fitted! 

I can also fix brake problems like shuddering, squealing

and spongy feeling pedal!


Over my 10+ years of being a mechanical technician, I have grown the knowledge to diagnose all elements of driveline problems, if its your motor blowing smoke or transmission slipping I can find out what the problem is and fix it!

Automatic Transmission Servicing


One thing that is widely overlooked by mechanics and apprentices is automatic transmission servicing. The oil in your transmission is crucial to its operation and in comparison to the thousands you can pay for a transmission is relatively cheap to service and usually has to be done only every 6 years or 90000km.



Suspension is what keeps your tyres on the ground and your car performing/looking at its peak! klunks and bumps can be very irritating and hard to diagnose but this is one of my specialties, family wagon, 4x4 or hot rod I can get it driving like new or better!

Tyres and Wheel Allignments

Logbook Servicing

Get your service done considerably cheaper and unlike most dealerships which use apprentices have your car worked on by an experienced mechanic and still keep your manufacturers warranty!

I also do Wheel Bearings, CV Shafts and Boots and all mechanical repairs!

Emmet is a fully qualified and insured mechanic registered with IAME

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